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Maximize Your Market Reach: Discover the Benefits of Advertising in Jagbani Ludhiana with Mediavox Digital

Maximize Your Market Reach: Discover the Benefits of Advertising in Jagbani Ludhiana with Mediavox Digital


Jagbani Ludhiana, boasting a circulation of approximately 1,713, remains a dominant Punjabi newspaper in Ludhiana, primarily covering general interest topics. The publication is known for offering competitive advertising rates, making it a preferred platform for brands aiming to engage with a diverse local readership.

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Readership and Reach

With an average readership of around 4,282.5 individuals, Jagbani Ludhiana captures a wide audience spanning various demographics. This extensive reach is crucial for advertisers seeking to maximize their exposure within the local populace.

Advantages of Advertising

Advertising in Jagbani Ludhiana offers several strategic benefits:

  1. Extensive Coverage: It is among the most widely read newspapers in the area, ensuring high visibility for advertisements.
  2. Diverse Audience: The variety of content appeals to readers with different interests, providing a broad advertising platform.
  3. Trusted Brand: Advertising in a reputable newspaper like Jagbani helps in building trust among potential customers.

Detailed Ad Sizes

Jagbani Ludhiana accommodates a range of ad sizes to suit various advertising needs and budgets, including:

  • Full Page Ads: Cover the entire page for maximum impact.
  • Half Page Ads: Available in horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • Quarter Page Ads: Cost-effective option for smaller budgets.
  • Custom Sizes: Flexible ad sizes tailored to specific advertising goals.

Newspaper Ad Rates

Factors influencing ad rates in Jagbani include:

  • Page Position: Premium pages like the front or back come with higher rates.
  • Ad Volume: Discounts may apply for larger or multiple advertisements.
  • Client Industry: Rates can vary based on the advertiser’s business sector.

Importance of Page Position

The placement of an advertisement significantly impacts its visibility and effectiveness, with premium positions attracting higher rates due to increased exposure.

Ad Planning and Execution

Effective advertising in Jagbani involves:

  1. Planning: Choosing the right page, ad size, and number of inserts.
  2. Artwork and Payment: Submitting designs and completing payments upfront.
  3. Execution: Ensuring the advertisement is published as planned and providing proofs of publication.

Best Advertising Agency: Mediavox Digital

Mediavox Digital stands out as the leading advertising agency for Jagbani Ludhiana, known for its:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Negotiating better rates through high-volume deals.
  • Expertise: Managing all aspects of advertising, from design to placement.
  • Support: Offering comprehensive support to both seasoned advertisers and newcomers.


Advertising in Jagbani Ludhiana is an excellent strategy for businesses aiming to enhance their presence in the Ludhiana market. By leveraging the newspaper’s reputable platform and wide reach, coupled with the expert services of Mediavox Digital, advertisers can achieve significant market penetration and brand recognition.

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